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Do you like learning new skills? Making new friends? Having fun?
Then join us! From potlucks to circus skills shares, nature hikes to home brewing workshops, fill your days with community.

All events listed are officially FREE, but some may come with a suggested donation to help the host cover the cost of materials provided. Some of these events are a one time deal, and some will occur weekly or monthly–make sure to read the description carefully. Each event has a host who can be contacted directly if you would like to RSVP, need more information, or just want to send some love.

Download the .pdf of the calendar (feel like printing some out and flyering?):
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More About Buffalo Barn Raisers
    The Buffalo Barn Raisers are dedicated to building a culture of cooperation, collectivity, and autonomy in Buffalo. We do this by creating and distributing a monthly calendar of events. On this calendar, you will find information for events, workshops, skill shares, and work holidays going on in your community!

    Do you just want to get out of the house once in a while and do stuff? Maybe learn how to knit, juggle, speak Spanish, bake bread or fix your plumbing? How `bout sharing delicious potluck meals while building new and meaningful friendships with your community members? And maybe, while you're at it, build the amazing solidarity and supportive energy that makes Buffalo great? Sweet. See you there.

Do stuff. Host stuff. Learn stuff. Teach Stuff. Most importantly, have fun.

    Did you have an event you'd like to submit? Just go to our Event Submission Page and fill `er out!

    Want to join the mailing list? Email us at... you got it... buffalobarnraisers@gmail.com. We love to talk. We regularly send out routine updates, recaps, news, and recently added events which will make your inbox smile.

    Oh, and subscribe to our google calendar over there on the home page. You'll get live updates as events are added, no need to wait until next month to see what's coming!

    See you at the next event!
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